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Wordpress Web Maintenance Plans

Culture Red does more than just create eye-catching designs. Forethought is a part of everything we
do — and that means knowing every web site that exists (within the ever-growing technological landscape
that is the internet) will require maintenance. Yes. We would love to add that new team member’s
profile for you… but we can do more.

Effective SEO and today’s need for higher online security demand a dedicated someone.
And, we want to be that someone.

Need site maintenance? Select the package that suits your needs from the choices below.
After you choose, click on the CONTACT US button to alert us via e-mail and let us know the
package you are interested in.

Need help? Let us know here.

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Don’t see a plan above that meets your needs?

We gotcha covered. We also offer CUSTOM maintenance plans that include on-call customer service, buyer program management and regular service for custom e-commerce carts. Please contact ty@culture-red.com if you need a CUSTOM WordPress Maintenance plan.

Any on site meetings are billed at $250 per meeting.

Virtual meetings are included in your plan. Premium and Platinum service plans are month-to-month and can be canceled anytime. Do you need help selecting a plan or perhaps have special requirements that you would like to discuss? Please e-mail at ty@culture-red.com.

What defines a Service Request?

*A service request, or “task” can cover a huge range from graphical and layout changes, fixing errors, and basic SEO to general website maintenance, content updating, image swapping, video embedding, and style enhancements.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to update my website?
Fast, efficient service is what we are known for, in most cases basic updates will be completed and available online with only a few hours of your request.
What defines a specific update request?
A specific update request is applicable to a single designated area or page of your website. In some cases if a service request exceeds your plan capabilities we will supply you with options and the additional charges that would be required to fulfill the request.
Is web hosting and domain support included in my plan?
Yes, managed web hosting and domain support are included with our service plans.
Is there any guarantee or warranty for my website?
Yes, we promise to provide you with adequate service until you are satisfied completely.
How do I get listed within the search engines?
Basic search engine optimization (SEO) is not included within all of our services plans. However, should you wish to explore concentrated search engine placement efforts please let us know and we will gladly discuss options with you.
I have special features in mind to enhance my website, can special functionality be added to my site?
We encourage special functionality at any time, pre or post development. Since all special functionality is tailored to your specific requirements, we will offer options based on the most efficient route to achieve the end-goal by balancing your needs with special pricing.